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Gorgomyte is used by more touring and
recording professionals than any other product
of it's kind to clean, polish and condition the
frets and fingerboards of their valuable
instruments. Why? Because nothing works
better nor is easier to use than Gorgomyte.
Browse our site and discover why Gorgomyte
is the professional's choice
"Something so simple as having clean smooth frets can improve  your
playing ability tenfold. There is nothing better than Gorgomyte to achieve
this. I use it every time I change strings."
Steve Stevens / Billy Idol
"I'm so used to great frets now it's hard to remember life before Gorgomyte!"
Tommy Shaw / Styx
"Eureka, that's it! All guitarists will love this "
Peter Frampton
Are you still using steel wool to shine your frets? SHAME ON YOU!
Great Players Only Use The Best
"Gorgomyte is easiy the best fretboard cleaning product I've ever used. After I'm done
using JJ's conditioning cloth, my frets shine like they're brand new and the wood looks
healthy and rich. I'll never use anything else on my axes"
David Sanchez / HAVOK
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